Grigsby & Assoc. v. M Securities Investment, et al.

This case arose when plaintiffs and defendants entered into an agreement to co-underwrite a municipal bond offering that was to be issued by Dade County, FL. The dispute underlying the case arose when a third party involved in that bond offering failed to pay plaintiffs and plaintiffs in turn failed to pay defendants. At issue was whether the district court should have permitted the dispute to be arbitrated. Plaintiffs argued that the district court should have enjoined the arbitration proceedings, in part because plaintiffs waived the right to arbitrate by engaging in litigation conduct inconsistent of that right. Plaintiffs also argued that, even if arbitration was permissible, the district court should have vacated the award the arbitration panel entered in defendants' favor. Because the court concluded that the district court abused its discretion by failing to decide itself whether defendants had waived the right to arbitration, the court vacated the district court's order and remanded for that court to decide the waiver issue. View "Grigsby & Assoc. v. M Securities Investment, et al." on Justia Law