Downey v. Sharp

This case related to an arbitration award denying an express easement on Petitioners' property. Petitioners filed a petition in the circuit court to confirm the arbitration award, and Respondent filed a motion to vacate the same. Respondent argued that the award was irrational because, without an easement over Petitioners' land, his land would be landlocked. The circuit court confirmed the arbitration award, relying upon the Uniform Arbitration Act. The court of special appeals (CSA) reversed, overturned the arbitrator's denial of the easement, and directed that an easement by necessity be located over Petitioners' land. While recognizing the Act's limitation on the authority of the courts to overturn arbitration awards, the CSA pointed out that arbitration awards that were completely irrational or which were manifestly in disregard of the law had been overturned in previous opinions. The Court of Appeals vacated the judgment of the CSA and remanded with directions to vacate the circuit court, holding (1) the arbitration award, in part, was contradictory; and (2) Md. Code Ann. Cts. & Jud. Proc. 3-225(a) authorizes a court to vacate an award and order a rehearing before arbitrators when the award is ambiguous or contradictory. Remanded for further proceedings pursuant to section 3-225(a). View "Downey v. Sharp" on Justia Law