Sr. Kate Reid, et al v. Doe Run Resources Corp., et al

Plaintiffs, thirty-five children living near a smelting facility in Peru, alleged that environmental contamination injured them. Plaintiffs claimed that contamination was caused by the owners and operators of the facility. Defendants' associate, Renco, is currently arbitrating related claims with Peru. Defendants moved to stay the proceedings pending the outcome of the arbitration. The court held that the issues in the arbitration could conceivably affect the outcome of this case and the case was properly removed under 9 U.S.C. 205 and that the court did not have pendant appellate jurisdiction over defendants' discretionary-stay claim. The court also held that the issues in this case relate to the arbitration but were not referable to arbitration. Accordingly, the district court properly denied a mandatory stay under 9 U.S.C. 3. View "Sr. Kate Reid, et al v. Doe Run Resources Corp., et al" on Justia Law