Royal Alliance Assoc. v. Liebhaber

Royal Alliance, a securities brokerage firm, petitioned to confirm an arbitration award recommending expungement of an allegation of misconduct from the record of one of its employees. Sandra Liebhaber, the individual who made the allegation, petitioned to vacate the same arbitration award. FINRA also petitioned to vacate the award. The trial court denied Royal Alliance’s petition to confirm the award and granted Liebhaber’s and FINRA’s petitions to vacate. The court concluded that the arbitrators denied Liebhaber a full and fair opportunity to introduce and challenge evidence material to the expungement proceedings to which she was a party; the arbitrators’ refusal to hear Liebhaber’s evidence and cross-examination deprived Liebhaber of a fair hearing and substantially prejudiced her rights within the meaning of Code of Civil Procedure section 1286.2; and thus the court affirmed the judgment. View "Royal Alliance Assoc. v. Liebhaber" on Justia Law