Kroma Makeup EU, LLC v. Kardashian

Lee Tillett, Inc. developed and registered a trademark for a line of cosmetics products known as Kroma cosmetics. Tillett entered into an agreement with Kroma EU to give it exclusive rights to sell and distribute Kroma products. Kimberly, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian entered into a licensing agreement with Boldface Licensing + Branding, Inc. to create a Kardashian makeup line called “Khroma.” After Tillett, Boldface, and the Kardashians settled a cosmetics trademark infringement suit, Tillett refused to share any of its settlement recovery with Kroma EU. Kroma EU subsequently filed this suit alleging trademark infringement and tortious interference claims against Boldface, vicarious liability for trademark infringement claims against the Kardashians, and a promissory estoppel claim against Tillett. The district court granted Tillett’s motion to compel Kroma EU to arbitrate, but denied the Kardashians’ motion to compel Kroma EU to arbitrate its claims against them. In this case, while the Kardashians are not signatories to the agreement between Kroma EU and Tillett, they contend that they can compel arbitration of Kroma EU’s claims against them by using Florida’s doctrine of equitable estoppel. The court held, however, that Florida’s doctrine of equitable estoppel permits a nonsignatory to an agreement to avail herself of an arbitration clause only when the claims asserted against her fall within the scope of the clause that the signatories had agreed upon. Accordingly, the court concluded that the district court correctly denied the Kardashians’ motion to compel arbitration. View "Kroma Makeup EU, LLC v. Kardashian" on Justia Law