Aanderud v. Superior Court of Kern County

Plaintiffs filed suit against Vivint Solar, seeking rescission of an agreement in which Vivint Solar agreed to install a solar power generating system on their property in exchange for their agreement to purchase solar power generated by the system. Plaintiffs alleged individual and class claims for declaratory relief and violations of the Unfair Competition Law (UCL). The Court of Appeal held that the delegation clause in the arbitration provision of the agreement was enforceable and therefore it was the arbitrator, not the court, who was required to determine the enforceability of the arbitration provision and whether it covered class claims. The court issued a peremptory writ of mandate commanding the trial court to vacate that portion of its order in which it found the arbitration provision was not unconscionable or unenforceable, the claims asserted in the complaint were arbitrable, and the arbitration provision's prohibition against bringing class claims was enforceable. The court also vacated the order dismissing the class claims. The court denied in all other respects. View "Aanderud v. Superior Court of Kern County" on Justia Law