Harshad & Nasir Corp. v. Global Sign Systems

FFC and Global appealed the arbitrator's award after Global filed suit against FFC to recover amounts owed on unpaid invoices. The Court of Appeal held that the trial court prejudicially erred when it failed to apply the correct standards in reviewing the arbitrator's award; substantial evidence did not support the award and an alleged contract to be performed over a three-year period violated the statute of frauds; the arbitrator exceeded his authority by deciding a claim that FFC had not agreed to arbitrate; the arbitrator exceeded his authority when he added the Affiliates as obligors under the award; and the court deemed the appeals from the orders denying attorney fees as petitions for writ of mandate and directed the trial court to vacate its orders and to deny the motions. View "Harshad & Nasir Corp. v. Global Sign Systems" on Justia Law