Bravo v. RADC Enterprises, Inc.

The choice-of-law clause in an arbitration agreement required that all individual claims must be arbitrated. Plaintiff filed suit against RADC on individual employment claims, as well as on representative claims under the Private Attorneys General Act of 2004 (PAGA). The trial court interpreted a choice-of-law clause in the parties' arbitration agreement and held that some, but not all, individual employment claims must be arbitrated. The Court of Appeal affirmed the part of trial court's order severing the agreement provision requiring the parties to arbitrate the PAGA claims; affirmed the order granting RADC's motion as to three individual claims; but reversed the order denying the motion as to the remaining six individual claims. As to the six claims, the court held that RADC rightly concluded that the trial court should have sent all of plaintiff's individual claims to arbitration. View "Bravo v. RADC Enterprises, Inc." on Justia Law